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A great post for this site would be one highlighting the different tools, products, etc. that y’all use.

Recently I received a question on my supplies. Everyone who’s into estate pipe refurbishing has his or her own list of tools and products ,these are the products and tools I reach for in the restoration of my pipes. I try to keep things as cheap as possible. I didn’t list prices as they have changed some since my purchasing them. Also my equipment was purchased over a five year period as it was needed it was added.


  1. Castleford Reamer(EBAY)– I started out with this reamer, was on my second when I switched to a Pipnet.
  2. Shank Brushes(plastic tips) – / Pipes&
  3. Retort(EBAY)– seller 4Ziggy20
  4. Pipnet Reamer–  I as well as many others recommend this reamer.
  5.  Round Tip Jewelry Pliers– Big box store. I use the round tip pliers to expand the tennon on a loose stem.
  6. Needle Files– Harbor Freight.
  7. Mortise Brush–
  8. Pick Set– Harbor Freight


  1. EverClear– Local Liquor Store
  2. BJ Pipe Cleaners(soft/bristle)–
  3. Gorilla Glue– Big Box Store
  4. Accelerator(EBAY)– seller thebillofwrites
  5. Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal Powder–
  6. Micro-Mesh(EBAY)– seller thebillofwrites
  7. 400,1000,2000 wet/dry sandpaper– Home Depot
  8. Thick Black CA Glue(EBAY)– seller thebillofwrites


  1. 1300 RPM Hand Drill and Drill mounted buffing kit– . I have my drill mounted to an adjustable hobby vice also from I started out with this drill five years ago and up graded to a veritable speed bench buffer that has since burnt out so I’m back to old reliable.
  2. Buffing Weels(loose/Sewn)–, Harbor Freight
  3. Buffing Rake– Amazon
  4. Carnauba Wax–
  5. Blue Compound– Harbor Freight,
  6. White Diamond Compound–
  7. Brown

8.  Black


  1. Non-bleach Soft Scrub– Big Box Store
  2. Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner– Home Depot. Used on natural or deeply rusticated pipes.
  3. Household Iron– Big Box Store
  4. Cotton Balls– Dollar Tree/ Dollar Store
  5. 100%  pure Acetone– Big Bix Store
  6. Makeup Pads– Dollar Tree/Dollar Store
  7. Q-tips Cotton Swabs– Dollar Tree/Dollar Store
  8. Method Wood For Good Polish-Big Box Store


  1. Painters Tape– Big Box Store
  2. Touch up furniture markers–
  3. White out pen– Big Box Store. Touch up on Stem logos
  4. Fiebings leather dye–
  5. Magic Eraser– Big Box Store
  6. Microfiber cloth– Big Box Store


  1. Children’s Toothbrush– Big Box Store
  2. Long Q-tips–
  3. Bic Lighter– Big Box Store.
  4. Heat Gun– Home Depot. Stem bending.

5.  Rub & Buff– Joanns Craft. Touch up on stem logos

  I also hold on to every spare container ,old tee-shirt and medicine dropper that I can get my hands on.


My small work area in the corner of our bedroom its changed a little since this photo was taken. My wifes pretty cool and supportive of my hobby.

14 thoughts on “Supply List”

    1. Thanks Steve –

      It’s funny that you can reach for something day after day and never put any real thought into it, that’s until you try to list everything used. I’m still missing things my dremel tool for example. I’m sure theres more.
      I spend more time sitting at that small desk then I’d like to think about.


  1. Nice summary and the pictures are of course always helpful. If you are running a buffing wheel in your bedroom, your wife IS very cool!


  2. I do run a buffing wheel in our bedroom but I have to admit, I try to do all my buffing in the wee hours after she has left for work. Other wise I think I would be smothered as well.


    1. The viscosity is not as thick as the one I use, the one from Amazon is a medium viscosity 500 cps and the one I use is a thick viscosity 4000 cps. The thicker viscosity has more gap filling properties. I have never used a medium grade CA so I’m not sure how well it would work.


    1. No it doesn’t remain flexible .I mix the thick black CA glue with activated charcoal power , it forms a solid patch. Once sanded and buffed its pretty much invisible.I have many in my rotation still holding strong.


      1. make sure you get the accelerator as well, it is a big plus. If you already ordered, Hobby Lobby also sells the accelerator for $2 or so.

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