Hi my name’s Tim, I am from Amsterdam New York. I began refurbishing estate pipes on the weekend’s  five years ago as a way to occupy my spare time, for the last two years it has become what occupies most of my time (disability).

I was an on and off pipe smoker since I was younger and in the past few years have I become more interested in pipes and tobacco. Buying and restoring estate pipes not only allows me to smoke a variety of pipes at a lower cost but it also opens the door to the history of pipe makers /manufacturer’s of the past. Tracy Mincer (Custom-bilt) is one of those makers and for the past three years it has been the focus of my collecting so there will be quite a few being redone here.They are getting harder and harder to find nowadays but it hasn’t stopped my search. 

I have many other pipe brands beside Custombilt in my arsenal, I call these my smokers simply because I smoke them, so my posts won’t be on one topic.

 I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands,  refurbishing and repurposing, I built tattoo machines out of our kitchen when my wife and I first met, rebuilt motorcycles, car’s and repurpose whatever I can find. The pipe community is a friendly and generous bunch and much of what I learned is from blogs, forums and just plain trial and error. Hopefully some of what I share is helpful, as similar blogs have helped me.

Thanks for looking.

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for reading and enjoying my blog on the Comoy’s Pebble Grain Panel Brandy enough to include it on your site. I read with pleasure your November Ben Wade restore blog. Great job, especially on the bit!


  2. Tim, I just read the Scoundrels articles & learned so much! I just tried Soft Scrub for the first time, and am amazed. A fraction of the time it normally takes me with my older method, and a real “back to black” finish. Fantastic results.

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    1. Thanks Mark for taking the time to check out my blog, I’m happy to hear the Soft Scrub worked well for you, it definitely beats the heck out of my previous methods as well.


  3. Hello Tim,

    I have have three sculpted C-Bilt pipes and would appreciate your expertise on pinning down carvers and or dating. Could you email me and I will post pics to you. One is a large bent fish pipe similar to yours but deeper relief carving.

    Much obliged,
    Ron Atwood
    Santa Barbara, CA


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