I am thankful for my beautiful and understanding wife for my daughter who’s humorous antidotes keep me smiling and a father who will drop all to help in anyway. Thank you to Steve of Reborn Pipes for sharing my posts and to readers who enjoy reading my blog. A huge thank you to my friend Clint ,a fellow blogger and piper. I love reading his no bull, straight forward tobacco reviews at Pipes Scoundrel , he covers a wide variety of topics on his blog it’s never boring definitely worth checking out .Recently Clint contacted me and asked if I would be interested in a few Custombilt pipes that didn’t fit his style of smoking and new that they would be right at home here and appreciated. I received the pipes at the end of last week in the midst of a medical hiccup. For three weeks I have been unable to work on my pipes .I will begin refurbishing and writing  as soon as I recover. Below are the three beautiful  Rich era Custombilts that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Thank you again Clint, Happy and safe Holidays to you and your family.

20151126_005100 20151126_005120 20151126_005243

2 thoughts on “Thankful”

  1. I’m just thankful that they have found a home where they will be cared for and appreciated. My family had a great holiday, (despite a rather nasty stomach virus that worked its way through our house.) and I hope that you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. I will keep my eyes pealed for more Custombilts that I might come across since I “know a guy” who enjoys them. Can’t wait to see them restored and hope you are feeling well soon!



  2. Reblogged this on pipe scoundrel and commented:
    A few weeks ago I sent a fellow pipe blogger a few Custombilt pipes I had knocking around my collection. Tim over at Pipes Revival does a fantastic job of restoring pipes and is an avid collector of Custombilts. Be sure to check out his blog and follow his progress restoring these and many other amazing pipes. He is a great guy and a hell of a craftsman!


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