Samuel Gawith – Black XX

Another Excellent Review, on one of my favorites. I’m huge fan of Samuel Gawith and  Gawith Hoggarth & Co. Looking forward to your next review.

pipe scoundrel

Blend TypeNon-Aromatic
FlavoringNone – (Manliness)
CutRope (twist)
Packaging50g tin
 Overall Rating3 out of 5

12745468_1117941281584394_2988768383548380262_nIf you could somehow imagine capturing the essence of pure… raw… ‘roid raging, manliness and then smashing it into a tobacco that looks like a cat turd you might understand a fraction of what Black XX is all about. This is the tobacco equivalent of every 80’s action movie ever made distilled into a smokable substance that isn’t easy to define. To aid in my efforts to explain this tobacco I will quote my friend Ryan upon seeing this tobacco in the tin…

“That is some intimidating looking shit bro…”

Yes… yes… It is some intimidating looking shit bro. Black XX looks like something a lumberjack should be smoking while he punches trees out of the ground with his bare hands or maybe the salty captain of a whaling ship who kills mutant sperm whales by…

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