Quick Clean Up- Stanwell Night & Day 232


My most recent purchase. A few caught my eye right off the bat, Peterson Donegal Rocky 999 and 264, Savinelli Alligator, Roma and Sherwood Rock Briar, Jobey Asti and a Stanwell Night & Day. All in very nice lightly smoked condition, rubber bits protecting most of the stems. I was happy with the lot from the start but the seller sweetened the deal even more by throwing in a few surprise extras, two pipe cases, pipe cleaners, a chrome stand and tobacco. I started with the Stanwell I liked the shape and it was hardly touched, I knew I’d have time to clean her up quick in between the few things I had going on today. 

The Refresh.    


Smoked once, maybe twice.She was in like new condition, the carbon bowl coating was still in place, not a single tooth mark on the stem and the internals were spotless. There was a weird oil or grease on the stummel that left my fingers slippery .


I cleaned the internals of the stummel and stem with EverClear Q-Tips, soft/stiff pipe cleaners and a makeup pad to wipe down the stems exterior.I gave the stummel a good wipe down with Method Wood For Good Polish to remove the oily residue. This was by far the quickest clear up I’ve done aside from maintaining my own rotation.

Spic & Span


Finished up on the wheel with white diamond, a few coats carnauba and micro-fiber hand buff. Buffing the stem with blue compound and carnauba

Thanks For Dropping By.


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