Refreshing A Cassano

One of the last few from the lot I picked up a few weeks ago. Cassano a brand I’m unfamiliar with, from what I could find it has mixed reviews, some consider it an under rated brand and others think its a poor quality make. Having not puffed the pipe myself I can only go by what I see before me and to be honest it looks to be a well made pipe, thick walls, proper drilling and a nice overall finish. To find a larger pipe at a price that won’t brake the bank is a rarity these days, so for a few bucks ( $60-$80 New  )I think you’d have an enjoyable smoking and looking pipe. Pipedia has a bit of history on the brand Cassano.

The Refresh.


The pipe was in beautiful shape when I received it, very lightly smoked, smoked once I’d say and not to the bottom bowl. The chamber still has its bowl coating and the stem is free of chatter ( rubber bits always help ). The nomenclature is crisp but the stem logo has been partially buffed off, like many of the other pipes in this lot. It would seem there is a mad buffer out there, not only do they use a very firm hand when buffing but they also like there carnauba as well, bucket loads were used to buff these pipes.


I cleaned the internals of the stummel and stem with EverClear, soft pipe cleaners and Q-Tips. Cleaning until my finial pipe cleaner came out as it went in.


The stem was in great condition with the exception of a few bubbles on the button that would be easily corrected with a bit of sanding. I ran the button through the various grits of micro-mesh to remove the imperfections. The damage done to the stem logo was irreversible it was buffed flush with the stem surface, not leaving an indentation to be refilled. The rest of the stem would just need a buff and shine to bring back its luster.



Finished up on the wheel with a few coats carnauba and a micro-fiber hand buff, buffing the stem with blue compound and carnauba.

Thanks For Dropping In


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