Presumably, A Majestic C.G.F. Meer Lined (“SANDY”)


I believe this to be a Majestic C.G.F. made pipe, the name “SANDY” is stamped on the right side of the shank, below that Made In France, there is no other stamping on the stummel. There is a C.G.F. logo on the stem, I have researched the C.G.F. logo and it seems to point to the Majestic company out of Paris France, there is very little info on Pipedia other then a few advertisements and examples of there pipes ( Majestic info ). I’m unsure if ” SANDY” refers to the pipes finish or a pipers name, I know there were mail order gimmicks back in the day where you could have a pipe personalized but I’m unsure if this is one of them.



The overall condition of the pipe was good. The meer lining was crack free, the stem chatter free and the C.G.F. logo was legible, it would seem the mad buffer did not get to this one. The chamber was a little caked and one noticeable fill .


I jumped right in on the internal cleaning of the stummel and stem. The chamber being Meer I didn’t go with my PipNet reamer, instead I cleaned the chamber with EverClear, Q-Tips and 1000 grit sandpaper to remove the stubborn leftovers. The draught, mortise and stem were cleaned using EverClear, Q-Tips and stiff/soft pipe cleaners but this well used pipe would require a retort to get a deeper clean. After the retort I did one more good internal cleaning with EverClear, Q-Tips and pipe cleaners until my finial pipe cleaner came out clean.


The right side of the bowl and shank had noticeable filler that needed to be removed. I applied Method Wood For Good Polish to the filler and left it to soften. Once the filler softened up I removed it with a pick and straight pin. I cleaned the area to be refilled with alcohol and a Q-Tip, filled the sand pit with Gorilla Glue and briar dust wiping away the excess with a alcohol dampened rag and left to dry. Once dry I lightly sanded the filled areas with a 3200 grit micro-mesh pad, tapping off the shank so not to disturb the  nomenclature with my sanding. I now touched up the new fills with a dark stain marker, let dry and removed the excess stain with an alcohol dampened Q-Tip.


In the process of filling the sand pits I inadvertently removed some of the original stain surrounding the repair. I used a makeup pad and EverClear to remove the rest stain from the stummel and re-stained the stummel with a dark brown touch-up marker, allowing dry time and removing the excess with an alcohol dampened rag. Sandy was now ready for the wheel. The stem was oxidation free and chatter free, I cleaned the stem inside and out with EverClear and would just need a good buffing.



 Before buffing the stummel I lightly polished the meer rim with worn micro-mesh 4000-12000. I finished the stummel on the wheel with white diamond, a few coats carnauba and micro-fiber hand buffing. Buffing the stem with blue compound and a few coats carnauba.

Thanks For Taking A Look.


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