Savinelli Roma 614


I’m down to the finial few from the pipe lot I picked up. Savinelli I can’t say enough, just a great smoking pipe and this one more to add. Savinelli Roma 614 a smaller pipe then I would typically puff but very comfortable clenched in jaw while working on more pipes.

The Restore


A great looking pipe if you can see past the dirt, grime and oxidation. The nomenclature is well stamped, the stem logo buffed almost clean off which is nothing new with this lot and the softy bit didn’t save this one completely from chatter, just a couple of tooth impressions that would need attention. The rim and chamber looked good just a little rim burn on the right side.


I started with the chamber and my PipNet reamer, starting with the smallest and working up to the largest the chamber would except, reaming the cake back to a suitable thickness.


The rim had a light build-up and a burn to the right of the bowl. I applied Method Wood For Good Polish to the rim and allowed it to penetrate the old tars and oils. Once the build-up softens it would be removed with Q-Tips and makeup pads.


Next the stummel and stem internal cleaning. Using EverClear, Q-Tips, stiff/soft pipe cleaners and shank/mortise brushes, I cleaned the airways and chamber until my finial pipe cleaner came out as it went in. I then stuffed the chamber and mortise with cotton balls and added EverClear to pull out the more stubborn tars, oils and lessen any ghosting.


The stem was heavily oxidized, I applied a generous amount of non-bleach Soft Scrub and left it aside to penetrate the oxidation. Once the soft turns from white to a brownish color its time to scrub vigorously with a rag adding more Soft Scrub as needed ( Holding he stem under natural light will help to see if all oxidation has been removed. ) I would repeat this process a few times to remove all the oxidation .


The bit portion of the stem had a few shallow tooth impressions but the rest of the stem looked good. I taped off the bit end of the stem with painters tape to keep my sanding in one area. I removed the impressions with micro-mesh pads 1500-3200 wet and 4000-3600 dry, then I removed the tape and sanded the whole stem with 6000-12000 dry.



I finished her up on the wheel with a few coats of carnauba and a micro-fiber hand buff, buffing the stem with blue compound and a few coats of carnauba.

Thanks For Taking A Look.


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